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bloggingfrom-the-dogpark asked:

So I was just stumbling around tumblr and happened to find your blog. I noticed that you are incredibly cute and talented and also very happily from the same province as me which is pretty awesome! Where in Saskatchewan are you from if you don't mind me asking, I am living in Saskatoon at the moment.

Hey :P thanks for the wonderful compliments you beautiful person. I’m in regina :) 


i like how cis people act like it would be the worst thing in the world not to assume people’s genders i mean we don’t assume people’s names what if you just met someone and you were like “hey emily” and they were like “thats not my name its megan” and you were like “oh well how was i supposed to know. you look like an emily to me. i guess i can try to call you megan but its gonna be hard because i just see you as such an emily”

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