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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

the patriarchy extends into fatherhood once again in a display of ownership. sorry, dads, you don’t own your daughters.

This is different than the standard “you’re not allowed to date my daughter because I said so”

This is him protecting someone who means the world to him. He didn’t say that his daughter couldn’t date, just that he wants the people that date her, to take care of her and love her, not hurt her. That’s not “ownership”, that’s loving someone and wanting them to be happy with the person they want to date.

Good dads give a shit about who treats their kid like crap, good dads don’t throw their daughters to the wolves and watch as they get devoured and broken.

fucking tumblr

can we just acknowledge that he even said, “to the girls that may one day date my daughter?” This father is going to be the most loving, accepting father in the history of fathers



Here’s the thing about trans kids, and nonbinary kids especially:

We know we’re just kids. We KNOW we’re not going to be the same ten, twenty years from now and maybe that means our genders will change, maybe not. Who knows maybe when in 15 years I’ll look back and think “geez…

How does a 15 year old … Do this . Wow

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